©Mckenna 2011

The M is for Marine Biologist which I will grow up to be. It’s also for magnifisent or miscivious which I can be at the same time.

C is for creative, chatty, cranky, catholic & courage that all describe me perfectly. It’s also for can’t in can’t wait because I have no patients.

K is for Katie who’s my sister. But mostly it’s for Kenny who I was named after and was taught wisely by.

E is for energetic-ness which is the main reason I’m me. Also it’s for Earth where we live and I can be me.

The N’s are for Nots, like “not quiet”, “not normal” & “not annoying”(not all the time). There is 2 N’s because 2 is better than 1 and 2 makes a pare.

A is for my activeness and my aloud thoughts. Also for anxious for snow & rain or a lot of talking that I do. A is also for A leader, A singer, A individual or a Lover.

I may be different from you, but what I know is I’m still a human too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Chrysalis of Male Emergence

by Karen Rosalie

tears sting and pool behind eyes that have seen too much
a throbbing lump engulfs my throat, threatening to choke me
today, I feel small, ignored, put down and not good for much
I want to leave and run away from everything…especially from the dull ache in my heart Continue reading

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by Karen Rosalie

The masculinity of a man is not in his outside appearance of virility.
The trueness of a genuine man is reflected in the depth of his soul.
He is a gentleman when it is not easy or convenient, defending my virtue and being my willing protector.
He has the strength to tell the truth… when a lie might be less complex.
His caring offers an expanse of love that has so far been unknown to me. Continue reading

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by Karen Rosalie

shallow, meaningless inquiries
“hi, how are you?” asked
while your back is to me
walking quickly on your way
do you really want to know?
hey…wait a minute…please…. Continue reading

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by Taylor McKinlay

I may be damaged
but I am not done
and though it may seem as if I’ve fallen Continue reading

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My Boy

by Colene Duffy

There once was a time I used to say
please someone come, just take him away
If only for a moment to give me a break
Cos all of his nonsense I just cannae take!
Continue reading

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All they can see….

by Julie Gifford
(Julie’s poem is an exploration of how her son feels every day)

All they can see is a child whose lazy,
Naughty, obnoxious, untidy, hazy.
My mind often wanders, I’m not really there
They shout and they scream, it’s so hard to bear Continue reading

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